Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Glam Destination Tries: DIY Bath Bombs

Hello Glammies!

If you're reading this, you probably are either 1) an aficionado for bath time 2) like to save money, or 3) both! 

That being said, welcome to the club!

I can not remember the last time I had a bath.  For the past 5 years, I have either had a shower stall or a bathtub without a plug. Now that I find myself with a tub to fully enjoy, the first thing I wanted to do is run out and spend my entire paycheck on some wonderfully scented Lush Bath Bombs!  That was until I got an email saying my credit card statement was ready for payment and I saw the amount that was due... well there goes that idea! So, I figured that DIY Bath Bombs were the "winner winner chicken dinner" option. Not only would I have a yearly supply of bath bombs, but these cute bombs make great homemade gifts (hint: the wedding season time). I believe with some practice it seems possible to create fun shapes, such as muffins bath bombs!

Now that it was decided that Jaz and I wanted to experiment making bath bombs, and it was time to research. Luckily for us, Jaz was able to find an awesome bath bomb starter kit on Amazon! Thank you Amazon, can't remember how life was like before your existence! 

Image taken from Amazon.com sold by Bath Bomb Kit Co.

The packaging is too cute, and if you're too lazy or have no time (drying time calls for 2 days) to even attempt to make bath bombs to give as gifts, you can literally give them the box with its contents as the gift! Think of it like buying someone a puzzle, but more relaxing and rewarding!

The majority of these ingredients can be found at your local mega supermarket, and if you can't, there's always Amazon! Because of the mold, spray bottle, and mini essential oils, and exact measurements provided in this kit, I recommend first timers to go ahead and buy the kit, and then by the restock ingredients for your next batch. This kit makes approximately 15-20 bath bombs. It is a lot more than the 12 it says it makes on their Amazon page! 

The recipe is pretty straight forward, and as long as you read the instructions, you should not have any problems. Only note I would make is make sure you count how many spritzes of  water you put in (we counted in sets of ten in order to not lose count) so you can slowly see the binding of the ingredients without activating the key ingredients. Also if you're going to use a decorative, such as food coloring, don't use gel food coloring. We used gel which was hard to mix, so I think you may have better luck with liquid food coloring.

I recommend trying to save this recipe somewhere safe if you order the kit, or shameless plug,
bookmark this blog to be able to come back to it time and time again!

Watch our short video below for a demonstration:

After 2+ days of drying time, see the results below:

Aren't these the cutest favors and homemade gifts? Tag GlamDestination on Instagram to see your DIY Bath Bombs!

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