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Which Brush Should I Use? - Part 2 of 3

This portion of the blog will feature items 13-24 and is the second part of a three part blog series.
If you missed the first part of the blog series featuring items 1-12, click HERE to view.

Pictures from BH Cosmetic Website of the 36 Ultimate Brush Set.
Item 13: Eyeliner  Smudger/ Eyeliner Smudge Brush
This is another brush I absolutely hate. It reminds me of when smoky eyes were also the popular thing to do in the early 2000's. You would use that jumbo eyeliner stick and the poke and prod your eyelids harshly to blend and smoke out the eyeliner with this tapered hard sponge brush. This is a pass, there are better smudge brushes in this kit. As you can see I am not a fan of sponge brushes when applying eye makeup! Also the "smoky eyes" look has tried to make its comeback into the spot light since Urban Decay released it's new Naked Smoky Palette. Let's face it the smoky eye look has never really left, it just isn't always featured in the spotlight.

Item 14: Round Angle Smudge Brush
I'd use this brush for smudging out the crease line, typically you would use a darker color on your crease than your lid. Since this has and angle to it, you could also use it the highlight your brow bone. I prefer to use item 28 as a highlighter to my brow bone, but if you have smaller lids than me, than this is the small version of the brush.
Item 15: Lip Brush
A lot of people swear by lip brushes, they feel more control using a brush than using the actual lipsticks tube for application. I'm old school, where as I still like applying lipstick directly from its tube. However, if you are doing lip makeup on different people, I recommend using the brush because its more hygienic.

Item 16: Concealer Brush
This brush is great to use for cream concealers. If you don't use a stick highlighter or liquid concealer wand to contour, then this is the brush you would use for application. Just make sure you conceal in an upside down triangle under your eyes and not an upside down crescent moon. That technique will brighten your face and give you a better glow. To help blend it into your skin, I do recommend using a beauty blender to make it more of a natural glow.
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For your convenience of not having to keep scrolling up I will keep featuring this image.

Pictures from BH Cosmetic Website of the 36 Ultimate Brush Set.
Item 17: Short Smudger Brush
This is my favorite type of smudge brush, because 1- its not a hard sponge and 2- the bristles really do smoke out your bottom lower lash line. And because the brush bristles are shorter and flatter it doesn't take long to blend.

Item 18: Small Concealer Brush
This is great when you want to concealer small blemishes and small discolorations such as hyperpigmentation. This brush is pretty much made to dab the concealer onto your minor problem area.

Item 19: Smudge Brush
Can you wrap your head around all these different smudge brushes yet? The great thing about having all these smudge brush options is now you can play around to see which one is your favorite, for example mine is definitely item #17. But this brush works too, I just prefer #17 because it seems to get me the results I want faster. This brush gives you more more precision, I would use this as a crease smudger than a lower lash line smudger.

Item 20: Small Smudge Brush
This brush is smaller and works best with powder products for exact precision to the crease for a diffused, yet controlled finish and placement. Which is the reason this brush has more of a pointed tip.

Item 21: Crease Brush
Its a good tool to use for cut creases. After you would line your eye with the liner pencil, to blend out the crease I would use the tool. As seen in the darker shade by iinala.

Pictures from BH Cosmetic Website of the 36 Ultimate Brush Set.
Item 22: Flat Shadow Brush
This is a good tool if you want to use shadow as a liner, the flat feature of this helps with the lining of your eyes.

Item 23: Round Flat Shader Brush
This one is a little confusing, because I would only use it for spot treatment of concealer but then I wouldn't use it to blend, I would have to use a sponge to blend it or a different brush. And because I can just use a small concealer brush to do the spot treatment, I wouldn't want to dirty another brush just for spotting.

Item 24: Eye shadow Brush
If you're new to make up, this is probably the one brush you recognize. Probably because any makeup set you buy will have this brush. Its known for brushing or patting down eye shadow on your lids. I've used it before to highlight the bridge and button of my nose. Its a definite brush to have in your go to makeup brush set. You may even want to stock up and have a couple of these so you don't have to wash it all the time.

Thanks for reading the second part of this blog series. I hope you find this helpful, and just remember just because I use a brush a certain way doesn't mean its the only way! Go have fun and play! Just  make sure to come back  for the last portion of the series!

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