Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Which Brush Should I Use? - Part 3 of 3

Welcome to the final chapter of the series, hopefully after this you can continue your makeup journey with more knowledge than ever! Please refer to the last 2 chapters if you need a refresher! Here and Here!

This final chapter will feature brushes 25-36 from BH Cosmetics 36 pc Ultimate Brush Set.

Item 25: Angled Shadow Brush
This brush is great if you like to use powder products on your brows. I'd use this for a more natural brow look. If I wanted more dramatic brows or "brows on fleek", I would instead use an eyeliner angle brush to shape my brows.

Item 26: Blending Brush
If you do not want to buy the entire set, I strongly recommend you at least buy this brush or a few of them, so you don't have to clean brushes so often haha! This is the key to beautifully blended smoky eyes! Or the key for a beautiful blended transition shade. Basically anything you want to blend beautifully, you use this brush! THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

Item 27: Short Shadow Brush
When you see people talk about brightening the inner corner of their eye, this is a great brush for that. It's small enough to just get in that inner corner and not mess up anything else. Look at BunBun Makeup Tips site, she does a great job of highlighting the inner corner of her eye. You can really see the difference and how much it opens up the eye!

Item 28: Angled Blending Brush
This is another one of my favorite brushes, even though I only use it for 1 purpose, which is to highlight my brow bone. It does the best job of blending and highlighting the brow bone at the same time. It really helps in the shaping your brows and completes your eye makeup.

Item 29: Large Shadow Brush
Just another general brush to use when you put eyeshadow on your lid. You can wet it to get a different shade than just using it dry.

Item 30: Foundation Brush
This brush is used for cream and liquid foundation, you wouldn't use this brush with powder foundation. When I use this brush I still like to use a beauty blender to make sure my foundation is even. And if you have a wide areas to apply concealer you can also use this brush too!

Item 31: Small Blush Brush
Pretty self explanatory, use this for your blush products. It picks up a great amount of product so make sure you tap off the excess blush before applying it to your cheek bones. Remember to start lightly and build up, because if you put on too much blush, then you'll have to keep blending it out with another clean brush and some foundation powder. 

Item 32: Large Angle Blush Brush
If you want more control with your blush, you can use this brush. I personally like to use my contour powder with this brush. The angled bristles helps shape your cheekbones when contouring. I really like how it blends and defines your cheek bones at the same time. 

Item 33: Highlight & Contour Brush
This is mainly used for cream highlighters and contour. I actually do enjoy using this for powder highlighters too, its very sharp in its application when you use a powder highlighter, the product only goes on where you applied the brush. So don't overdue it!

Item 34: Duo Fiber Stippling Brush
The intention of this brush is to buff your foundation into your skin to give you that airbrush finished, but (and its a big but)I don't feel like it really works. I know Wayne Goss did an amazing tutorial of this on YouTube, but he has perfect skin already (despite what he thinks) and my pores must be too big and my skin must have too much texture to get this technique to work on me!

Item 35: Powder Brush
This is a great face brush when working with loose foundation powder. This is what you use instead of the Foundation Brush, when working with loose powder. For example, if you use Bareminerals for your foundation you would use this brush.

Item 36: Large Fan Brush
Just like you would use your small fan brush, this is the jumbo version. You can use it to apply highlight to your cheekbones or nose. Or you can use this to help removed loose shadow that has fallen on to your skin without smudging your face!

This completes the 3 part series!
I hope this helps you know what the heck some of these brushes are used for!
Have fun playing!

Glammie Love,

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