Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September Makeup Haul Part III

For the last part of the September Makeup Haul Part III

All the glory will go to:
RIMMEL LONDON ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liner - Nude, $9.20 on Amazon

I recently have been searching to find a product to give me that soft glam look, and I came across some inspiration from instagrammer jasmine_hakobyan.

(Maybe should I say former instagrammer? I was unsuccessful in finding her profile again. Good thing I took a screenshot! Always take a screen shot when you see something inspirational!!!)

I usually use my white eyeliner by MAC  (Fascinating Eye Kohl, $16) for my waterline, in order to give me that fierce wide awake look, but I noticed that nude eyeliner also looks very natural and creates a softer glow.

Here is the swatch on my skin

and now on my face

Left: Nude          Right: White

Now with this Soft Glam Eyeliner, I see many Brunch Makeup Looks in my future! And yes, I will have a mimosa with this glam!

I can't wait to start creating all these new looks for the fall season, and stay tuned next month for the next haul!

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Glammie Love,


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