Monday, September 8, 2014


Welcome to our blog!

We're a couple of friends that share a passion and, dare we say it, obsession with makeup, hair, and everything that relates to beauty. We've dedicated much of our time and (let's face it) money on this little hobby of ours, so we decided to share it with the masses (well... whoever stumbles across us anyway.)  Although we both have had long relationships with makeup throughout our lives, the rise of makeup artists on social media has only inspired us further. Without them, we wouldn't be nearly as knowledgeable about any of the lovely little products that make our insides sing! So, in order to give them credit, we will not only be creating our own tutorials and reviews, but we will also be linking our favorite Instagram and Youtube makeup looks and artists, as well as linking all of the products that they use to create their looks. Just call us the one stop shop for all of your makeup needs!

 Keep checking back with us as we build our blog and our product database, and please feel free to leave any feedback that you may have for us. We've never blogged before and would love to hear from the internet community!

 ~Jaz and Bex

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